Beauty Portrait


Words from Your Beautician-
Ayenda Chan

The Creation of Beauty is Art. 

Lashes, Brows & Hair is Self-care and an investment in Yourself.

9 years in the beauty industry, I'm blessed to have the opportunity to offer unparalleled pampering experience. Get everyone looking fabulous by using the best quality products in the market, along with the correct techniques and applications, to ensure no damage caused.

*Beauty does not have to come with pain*

It's important to listen & understand the clients' wants and meet their expectations. I do not rush and do not take shortcut. Every client is unique & important, so is the health & integrity of your Hair, Lashes & Brows.
I give suggestions and take time to customize the lengths, the curls, the color & style to fit the individuals. 

High quality products are used to avoid allergic reaction and discomfort on clients. I share knowledge & experience to educate you in aftercare and home maintenance. Break down the Do's & Don'ts, so you don't have to guess or spend time searching on the internet.

A happy satisfying smile is what I look forward to see at the end of every appointment with you.